Nutcracker and the Magic Kingdom – Show Photos


I will be preparing a USB Memory Stick with ALL THE PICTURES FROM THE SHOW (about 300 photos).  All the photos are high resolution jpeg photo files that you can use to print in any size.

Order a memory stick with all the pictures from the show are available on our order form:

If the form seems too much effort, you can always send me an email instead

Alternatively you can order individual pictures from


The Nutcracker, CYBC Cast

IMG_8916-2Cambridge Youth Ballet Company are in their final two weeks of preparation for their forthcoming performance of The Nutcracker that will run in Hinchingbrooke Performance Centre on the 26th and 27th Oct.  I saw some of the rehearsals this morning and it looks like it’s going to be another amazing show.


Stageworks Grad Show, 2019



Stageworks Grad Show is always fantastic and this year was no different.  I was pleased to be able to shoot stills of this great show (and also the rehearsals in the studio) for Stageworks.  Full show images can be perused at the link below.

If you want to buy full sized, high resolution, watermark free copies of these pictures for £20 I can arrange to burn you a USB memory stick with ALL THE IMAGES FROM THE SHOW and the rehearsals – this is nearly 500 pictures!!!   You can then pick and choose which images you want to use to print them on mugs, mouse mats, on collages or in books.  Send me an email that you want a copy and I will create one for you and post it to you.   I accept BACS payments of PayPal.  Drop me an email at and we can organise payment and delivery.

As a sweetener, I have also released 60+ additional pictures which didn’t make it on the memory stick which are free to download from here:

Best, Keith




Six months in 2019

DSCF6453-Edit-2So I just read back through my reflections on 2018 and my thoughts and plans for 2019. I can’t believe this year is already six months old. I have been chasing my tail perhaps more than I have in the past couple of years. The beginning of the year saw three long haul trips to Turkey, Oman and Johannesburg. Each was fun and had new adventures – I got to visit Soweto and Nelson Mandela’s home in the township.DSCF5593-Edit-2

All three trips were also long and tiring and hard work in preparation and during the trips. For my birthday I spent well needed time walking on the SWCP. April saw Sarah and I make a 10 day trip to India. My first time to this amazing, enormous country. I got to see the Taj Mahal and other incredible palaces. I got to see poverty and people living simply both in towns and villages. The heat is remarkable and unyielding. The hotels and tour bus offered air conditioned relief and we were very conscious of living “behind the wall” – the guided existence of people living in relative luxury. I did get sick at the end of the trip and the exhaustion of that trip plus the three earlier in the year really hit me. I then had a week where I spent a night in a tent in Southwold in beautiful weather a few days in rainy and wet Cardiff and then a few days in my flat in Cornwall where I got to bodyboard and soak up some lovely weather. All of a sudden I was back into work mode with two back to back trips to Hamburg with planning for Amsterdam next week and then some more time marking theses in August back in Cornwall.


All in all I feel like I’ve stuffed a year of adventures into six months and not sure if I’m coming or going but, on the whole, I’ve had an amazing start to the year. As for my New Years resolutions. I have read some good book but haven’t done so well with keeping up my weekly walks or lost any weight. Recent events also meant that I have been doing more like five day rather than four day weeks. As for photography, I’ve taken a few nice photos on my trips and some very good gig photos. India was not an tripod friendly location but I managed to get some good shots there too. But on the whole I don’t feel I’ve progressed my photo business as well as I would have liked. I do, however, have nice gigs coming up with Stageworks graduation show and a wedding at the end of August. I am excited about a trip to Bali in September and hopefully a quieter end to the year to consolidate and relax a bit


Taj Mahal


Our recent trip to India brought us, at sunrise, to the Taj Mahal on a overcast and rainy day.  It is such an iconic building it seems incredibly familiar but it is still incredibly moving when you see it for the first time, and you can’t turn away.  Looking at the different angles.  Here is a pretty standard composition taken from the mosque.

Dovestones Reservoir


I was pleased to have a quick walk around Dovestone Reservoir on Saddleworth Moor near Manchester a couple of weekends ago.  It was one of those early spring days when the wind is low, the sun is out and the clouds are moving slowly.  The long exposure worked well here to emphasise the reflections in the water, and the slow moving clouds made dream-like.

Crazy For You – Stageworks 2019



This year the team at Stageworks is performing Crazy for You, a musical based on the music of George Gershwin.

I was pleased to be able to shoot stills of this great show for Stageworks this week.  Full show images can be perused at the link below.

If you want to buy just one or two images, you can do that directly from that site, but if you want more than four or five images, for £20 I can arrange to burn you a DVD with ALL THE IMAGES FROM THE SHOW!!!  These are licence free, watermark free, high resolution images.  You can then pick and choose which images you want to use to print them on mugs, mouse mats, on collages or in books.  Send me an email that you want a DVD and I will burn you one.  I will drop them off to Stageworks in one or two weeks and if you give money to them, they will give you a DVD and pass the cash to me.   How does that sound?

PLEASE NOTE – These discs are data discs and not designed to play as a slideshow through a DVD player, but are for use on a computer.  These are full size, high resolution images that can be printed onto photographic paper, blown up as large prints for framed pictures or canvases, or used for keyrings, mugs, etc.

Please note that I was not involved in the recording or preparation of a video recording of the show. Stageworks made this recording and if it is a video of the performance you are looking for, you should contact Stageworks directly.