Monument Valley sunrise


One of the most special days on our trip through the US last Sept was a pre-dawn guided tour of Monument Valley.  We were staying in a tent in the sand dunes that look out on the Mittens, and stumbled out of the tent and to the hotel to meet our guide for the morning.  The first stop we made was on the dirt road dropping into park.  There had been some rain which served as nice foreground interest for this shot.

Monument Valley Sunset

IMG_5850FBWe stayed in what is laughingly called a campsite.  We were pointed in the direction of some sand dunes looking directly on to the Mittens.  We pitched our tent and in the morning it was like waking up in a John Wayne movie.  The site did have washrooms and a office which had wifi, and depending on the direction of the wind, the wifi occasionally reached to the tent some 20 metres further into the sand dunes.  A wonderful place.