Beach huts, Felixstowe


Having not been at the coast for some weeks, we took a day trip to Felixstowe to see the sea, eat fish and chips and hear the waves crashing on the beach.  I have done a very pastel treatment on this beach huts image as the huts were largely painted in pastel colours so the treatment seemed appropriate.


British Museum


Just an awesome building.  I shot this in 2012.  It is a combination of six images.  I had to also do some photoshopping, which hopefully you can’t see.  I would love to get back to have another go at this iconic image, but am pretty happy with this shot if I never get back.

Heathrow, T2

DSCF0815FBWhen Terminal 2 was opened at Heathrow most people agreed it is a great improvement over T3 which is largely replaced.  My main issue with T2 is that if you are flying from certain gates, you have to subterraneanly cross the runway – and therefore the time from the main terminal to the gate is 15 minutes or more.  I took after taking the very long escalator down under the airport on my way to the Singapore Airlines lounge.