Ganilly well guarded




We were the only visitors to the Scilly’s at Easter this year.  Or so it seemed.  Easter was very early and we were booked to travel over on the ferry from Penzance to St Mary’s and then take a smaller ferry to St Martin’s to the first days that the campsite was open for business.  We are the ONLY campers.  Half the campsite is a lake – seriously – ducks and other fowl spend the day splashing about in about three inches of water in one of the three fields.  The advice from the campsite owners? – “don’t camp there – we use if for boating during the off season and drain it for the season”.  We set up the tent yards away from the toilet block where the water is running and hot.  We have a garden table set to ourselves which we used as our kitchen.  We go and collect pre-ordered produce from the post office about half a mile or so down the road.  Everyone is friendly but eye us somewhat suspiciously when we say we are camping.  We cook on our little stove and take our dish of stew onto the beach with a beer and some wine and watch the sunset.  The sand is incredibly soft and white.  A blissfully quiet place to spend a few days RnR.  The dog protected his domain when we passed his owner’s lovely cottage and beautiful garden. The frame fell into place very easily.  One day we will have a dog that will protect our house and garden.

Listen to Little World by Gretchen Peters.