Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral


Taken in Christchurch New Zealand in 2013, this the roof of the Cardboard Cathedral, constructed of cardboard tubes after the massive earthquake in 2011.  Hoping that is survived the recent quakes.


Cuban street players, Trinidad



These guys had it sussed.  They played outside the cathedral in Trinidad all day.  They wore a green ‘uniform’ and were on the money with their playing.  The guy, second from the right, sat on a box with half a dozen metal tongs over a sound box.  He played great bass riffs on it looking like he was just sitting there with his hands by his side.  The young guy has some great guitar chops, but whenever he started getting too fancy, the others would give him a look and pull him back in.


Doges Palace, Monochrome


I rather like the monochrome treatment of this shot.  The clouds were forming quickly and the wind was moving them along but here they seem to add to the composition.


San Marco


A pretty empty St Mark’s square.  It was around 6.20am and the fellas that sweep the square and keep it tidy were out working, the pigeons were hoping to find morsels left behind.  I don’t think the square is ever completely empty.


Chicago downtown.

IMG_7219Well, yes, Trump Tower is in the background – But I like to focus on the beautiful building in the foreground.  Classy, elegant, welcoming.


The Lace Makers of Burano


Taken in the lace museum in Burano, these ladies are the last of the city’s lace makers. Their work is so fine and they sit quietly stitching all day. A significant piece of lace can take years to make, and thus once a machine was designed that could do this work, the market for hand stitched lace disappeared. A document to a passing skill.


El Capitan, Yosemite



Seattle at night




Up n’ Atom!!

IMG_2272_FB_01 copyI took a trip to the Science Museum to look at a photography exhibition (which is excellent, btw).  It has some great structures to make images of.  This is an atomic structure which is suspended overhead.