Peter Pan, Cambridgeshire Youth Ballet Company, Oct 2022

All the images from excellent CYBC’s Peter Pan are now available as a USB memory stick (£20 + 3£ p&p). Send me an email at to request a USB. You can see all the images in the link below.


Nutcracker and the Magic Kingdom – Show Photos


I will be preparing a USB Memory Stick with ALL THE PICTURES FROM THE SHOW (about 300 photos).  All the photos are high resolution jpeg photo files that you can use to print in any size.

You can order an DVD by sending me an email to

Alternatively you can order individual pictures from


Alice in Wonderland


Cambridgeshire Youth Ballet Company with Stageworks put on a wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland this past weekend.

I shot still photographs of the ballet (both Alices). I bundle all the photographs and burn them onto a DVD. PLEASE NOTE – These discs are data discs and not designed to play as a slideshow through a DVD player, but are for use on a computer. For Alice in Wonderland, the disc contains 422 jpg images. These are full size, high resolution images that can be printed onto photographic paper, blown up as large prints for framed pictures or canvases, or used for keyrings, mugs, etc.

If that is what you are looking for, I am happy to prepare a disc for you at £20.

Please note that I was not involved in the recording or preparation of a video recording of the ballet. Stageworks made this recording and if it is a video of the performance you are looking for, you should contact Stageworks directly.