Ethan Ash at Anglia Ruskin


I’ve followed Ethan Ash since his early teens.  The man has a remarkable voice, excellent guitar chops and a turn of phrase that makes for great hooks.  Here he played a lunchtime gig in the Mumford Theatre in Anglia Ruskin Uni in Cambridge and did an excellent set, mainly drawn from his recently released album.




Alice in Wonderland


Cambridgeshire Youth Ballet Company with Stageworks put on a wonderful performance of Alice in Wonderland this past weekend.

I shot still photographs of the ballet (both Alices). I bundle all the photographs and burn them onto a DVD. PLEASE NOTE – These discs are data discs and not designed to play as a slideshow through a DVD player, but are for use on a computer. For Alice in Wonderland, the disc contains 422 jpg images. These are full size, high resolution images that can be printed onto photographic paper, blown up as large prints for framed pictures or canvases, or used for keyrings, mugs, etc.

If that is what you are looking for, I am happy to prepare a disc for you at £20.

Please note that I was not involved in the recording or preparation of a video recording of the ballet. Stageworks made this recording and if it is a video of the performance you are looking for, you should contact Stageworks directly.





Jesse Malin at The Gates of the West, Camden, Sept 2018


This was a great show at Dingwalls in Camden.  I’ve seen Jesse Malin probably a dozen times stretching back to his earliest solo gigs (I first saw him in a gym hall in Omaha Nebraska when he was touring his first solo record).  He always brings his A game, and this gig was no different.  What was different was that a bunch of the crowd had turned up to hear the mainly old punk guests that performed with Jesse’s band in the second half of the show.  It got a bit rowdy and a quite active moss-pit.  This gig was in aid of the Joe Strummer Foundation.



Wahiba Sands desert, Oman


Sunset at Wahiba Sands desert in Oman.  Half an hour before sunset there was no wind and bright sunshine.  At sunset, the wind picked up and the sands on the desert floor swirled around our feet. It was not the sunset I was hoping for, but I am happy with this shot that sort of reminds me of a picture my parents have on their wall of elephants in Africa.  The colours are similarly muted.  It may be the shape of the trees.  Anyway, here it is.  I hope you like it.  Pictures of camels and sand dunes may follow.