How it works: If you would like me to come and shoot your wedding, I would be honoured and delighted to participate in your special day. I will come and meet with you before the wedding to discuss what you are looking for in your photographic record of the day and then agree with you the most appropriate way of shooting on the day. I am happy to shoot a mix of formal shots, and reportage-style shots of the event.

Price: from £1,000
What’s included:   I will meet with you before your big day at the venue(s) to discuss ideal shots, locations, etc.  Shooting on the day and for the post-hoc processing and developing of  the best images from your wedding (usually around 300) provided on a memory stick which then allows you how you to choose exactly how you want your wedding images to be used (in an album, in prints, on canvas, etc.).


How it works: Let me know what you are looking for and I will be happy to oblige if I can. Usually, I’ll come to your house and also take you to some suitable outdoor location (if it is not teeming with rain) and spend an hour or two taking shots. Contact sheets will be prepared within two days and full, large scale resolution photographic files of an agreed number of shots will then post-processed and sent to you within one week.

Price: £75
What’s included: CD of full resolution processed photos ready for you to use however you like. You can then use the photo files to print your favourites, make up canvasses, mugs, mouse mats, etc.


How it works: If you would like to use one of the pictures your seen on my website or Flickr site on your website, I would be delighted.

Price: £50
What’s included: A non-watermarked, single-licence version of the picture at your required level of resolution for £50.


How it works: If you have an event/gig/drama show/musical/sporting activity that you’d like a record of, but can’t stop the action to take the shots, then I can arrange to take the shots you’d like.

Participants portraits: I can come along before the action starts and take portraits of the individuals or groups participating.

Live-action pictures: I can take pictures during the event

Publicity shots: Invite me along to a rehearsal and I can take pictures that you can then use in your programme/event publicity/website.

Price: We can agree a package to suit.



If I have passed you a card to my website while your band was playing, you were surfing, or skating, you were running a race, etc., I may well have taken your photograph and think you might like a copy. Full resolution, copyright-free copies of the photos are available for:

  • Single image £10.00
  • Two images £15.00
  • Three to five images £20.00



2 thoughts on “Services/Rates

  1. Hi Keith! You were recommended to me by a friend of a friend 🙂 I need some photos for our new website. My boss is starting an new company, so new website, and apparently I need my photo on there. Joy. Super casual, but professional. Do you have time next week? I’m only here until Thursday afternoon, and in a perfect world would try to schedule this for Wednesday afternoon. I’m near Victoria. Do you have time and what would the cost be?
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi there Lori – I’ve only just seen your email as I’ve been offline this past weekend. I’m afraid I am not available this week as I already have a bunch of other commitments. I’m very sorry. Kind regards, Keith

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