Jessica headshots


I had lots of fun doing some headshots with Jessica in a studio I set up at home.




United Colours of Youth

8049787360_cd29dcbe6c_oI shot this a few years back behind the Lourve in Paris.  These kids were hanging out skating, dancing and enjoying each others’ company.  They looked like they were having such fun.  When they saw me with a camera, they stopped, posed and saluted for me for a second.  The resultant image reminds me of a Benetton advert.  It always makes me smile when I look at it.

The Lace Makers of Burano


Taken in the lace museum in Burano, these ladies are the last of the city’s lace makers. Their work is so fine and they sit quietly stitching all day. A significant piece of lace can take years to make, and thus once a machine was designed that could do this work, the market for hand stitched lace disappeared. A document to a passing skill.