Burano, a feast for the eyes.


What a lovely place Burano is.  It must be awful to be a resident with so many tourists looking in your windows and judging the colour of your house and the state of the decoration, but as a visitor it is such a wonderful place to consider how much happier people would be if houses in other parts of the world were similarly decorated.




Doges Palace, Venice


I was fully ready to be unimpressed with the Doges Palace.  Indeed, anywhere where there are lots of tourists, and queues, I tend to get a bit sniffy.  I am a traveller, not a tourist!  And all that BS.

Well although we got to the Palace early in the morning, and for quite a while felt like we were, if not the only people there, in a pretty exclusive tour.  We had the headphones to get the info on the rooms we were passing through and what they were used for.  But in the end, I was just blown away with the amazing ceilings, the paintings, the reflections.

If you go to Venice, I recommend you get up early one morning and take the tour.

Casa Blu, Burano


The island of Burano is an assault on a photographer’s sight.  There is too much to shot, too many colours, too much to capture, too many people in the shots, too much of everything.  Instead, I tried to capture shop windows, and more details.  I liked how this store cut down colours to just two and went for cool rather than the hot pinks and reds and greens in the rest of the town.

Bridge of Sighs, Venice

bridge-of-sighs-venice_26469280343_oI took this around 7am as the sun was just hitting the Doges Palace.  I liked the colours reflected in the water.  Even at this time of the morning, I had to wait to get the best location on the bridge to get the shot.  I also managed to get the waste refuse barge in, rather than a more romantic gondola!