Jesse Malin at The Gates of the West, Camden, Sept 2018


This was a great show at Dingwalls in Camden.  I’ve seen Jesse Malin probably a dozen times stretching back to his earliest solo gigs (I first saw him in a gym hall in Omaha Nebraska when he was touring his first solo record).  He always brings his A game, and this gig was no different.  What was different was that a bunch of the crowd had turned up to hear the mainly old punk guests that performed with Jesse’s band in the second half of the show.  It got a bit rowdy and a quite active moss-pit.  This gig was in aid of the Joe Strummer Foundation.



Sunday afternoon jam, Bray, Ireland




It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted a picture.  I have been pretty much away the whole time.  I travelled to North Wales with close family.  We scattered my father’s ashes in his favourite place.  I am currently in Istanbul and hope to do some looking around tomorrow, but last week I was in Dublin.  On Sunday I took the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) to Bray and spent a couple of hours in the company of some talented musicians, including my old friend, Dayo.  I snapped this picture with my little Fujifilm camera.  It sort of reminds me of DaVinci’s painting of the “last supper” – especially with the bodhran player looking at the bass and guitar players.

I hope to be a better correspondent in coming weeks.




Cuban street players, Trinidad



These guys had it sussed.  They played outside the cathedral in Trinidad all day.  They wore a green ‘uniform’ and were on the money with their playing.  The guy, second from the right, sat on a box with half a dozen metal tongs over a sound box.  He played great bass riffs on it looking like he was just sitting there with his hands by his side.  The young guy has some great guitar chops, but whenever he started getting too fancy, the others would give him a look and pull him back in.