Bookshop, Havana


We passed this book shop a number of times in Havana.  The Ché stencil makes the doorway, I think.


Heathrow, T2

DSCF0815FBWhen Terminal 2 was opened at Heathrow most people agreed it is a great improvement over T3 which is largely replaced.  My main issue with T2 is that if you are flying from certain gates, you have to subterraneanly cross the runway – and therefore the time from the main terminal to the gate is 15 minutes or more.  I took after taking the very long escalator down under the airport on my way to the Singapore Airlines lounge.

Doges Palace, Venice


I was fully ready to be unimpressed with the Doges Palace.  Indeed, anywhere where there are lots of tourists, and queues, I tend to get a bit sniffy.  I am a traveller, not a tourist!  And all that BS.

Well although we got to the Palace early in the morning, and for quite a while felt like we were, if not the only people there, in a pretty exclusive tour.  We had the headphones to get the info on the rooms we were passing through and what they were used for.  But in the end, I was just blown away with the amazing ceilings, the paintings, the reflections.

If you go to Venice, I recommend you get up early one morning and take the tour.

Casa Blu, Burano


The island of Burano is an assault on a photographer’s sight.  There is too much to shot, too many colours, too much to capture, too many people in the shots, too much of everything.  Instead, I tried to capture shop windows, and more details.  I liked how this store cut down colours to just two and went for cool rather than the hot pinks and reds and greens in the rest of the town.