Beach huts, Felixstowe


Having not been at the coast for some weeks, we took a day trip to Felixstowe to see the sea, eat fish and chips and hear the waves crashing on the beach.  I have done a very pastel treatment on this beach huts image as the huts were largely painted in pastel colours so the treatment seemed appropriate.

Cloud Dome, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


In the past couple of years a new visitor attraction has been built in Singapore, near the Marina Sands Bay Hotel.  Gardens by the Bay have two Eden Project style glazed domes and then an open garden which has some “living tree” structures which must be 50m tall with foliage grow up them and from which you can walk along a raised walkway.  The Cloud Dome is cool (probably around 17 degrees) and there is a waterfall and some raised walkways, like in this picture.  I would certainly recommend a visit for a few hours.  I went in the early evening and watched a light show at 19.45.  The Domes cost around $30 to visit.