Stageworks Grad Show, 2019



Stageworks Grad Show is always fantastic and this year was no different.  I was pleased to be able to shoot stills of this great show (and also the rehearsals in the studio) for Stageworks.  Full show images can be perused at the link below.

If you want to buy full sized, high resolution, watermark free copies of these pictures for £20 I can arrange to burn you a USB memory stick with ALL THE IMAGES FROM THE SHOW and the rehearsals – this is nearly 500 pictures!!!   You can then pick and choose which images you want to use to print them on mugs, mouse mats, on collages or in books.  Send me an email that you want a copy and I will create one for you and post it to you.   I accept BACS payments of PayPal.  Drop me an email at and we can organise payment and delivery.

As a sweetener, I have also released 60+ additional pictures which didn’t make it on the memory stick which are free to download from here:

Best, Keith





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